Perdue Sustainability Program

Together with ForGround by Bayer

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We believe in being responsible stewards of our natural resources. As a farmer and essential member of our grower network, no one knows how to manage those resources better than you. We want to recognize our collective impact.

Your data is valuable - Earn up to $20/acre

The data you collect on your farm can be worth up to $20/acre! When you participate in the "Perdue Sustainability Program" you can earn additional revenue for sharing information about utilizing no-till, strip-till, or cover crops during the 2023 cropping season. This additional revenue potential, coupled with the impact that regenerative practices can have on your farm, will help build a foundation for success for generations to come. Together, we can better understand our stewardship and tell the story of the impact.

Farmers have been stewards of the land for generations - we are proud of what you do. We want our customers to share in that pride when they buy a Perdue chicken.

To enroll in the Perdue Sustainability Program:

Log in with your Climate FieldView™ account or
Confirm your information
Answer questions about your fields
Enroll eligible fields* and sign the Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement
Deliver grain to an approved Perdue facility by February 16, 2024
Complete data submission
Get paid**

* Fields subject to removal pending grain delivery confirmation, see below for more detail. ** Payments subject to: (a) verification by Bayer that the selected practices have been performed and, for historical payments, that carbon assets have been generated; and (b) all other applicable terms of the Bayer Carbon-Smart Master Services Agreement and attached program terms.